365 Product Care & Safety Tips

365 Candle Care Tips 101 

Our goal is for you to enjoy your purchase and extend the life of your favorite 365 candle. We have added candle care & safety tips to help you have a clean candle burn, optimize your candle fragrance, and avoid basic candle mistakes for longevity. 

Candle Care: 
  • Trim your wicks 1/4 before your light your candle. Do this step every time your burn your candle! Trust us, its a game changer 
  • When you first burn your candle always allow your candle wax to melt to the candle's edges. By doing this you will avoid your candle fom tunneling and have a great burn each time 
  • Use your 365 Candle Care Kit  wick snuffer to extinguish the flame on your candle and avaoid the smoke. DO NOT blow your flame out!
Safety Tips:
  • Place your candles out of reach from children and pets. 
  • Make sure you place your candle in a secure area not near anything that might catch on fire
  • Make sure before you walk off that you use your 365 Candle Care Kit  to make sure the flame is completely out 
  • When you burn your candle leave it in that same place and dont move it. 
  • Avoid Drafts & Vents to avoid rapid or uneven burning 
Visit the NCA'S Candle Safety page  for more information about safety. 

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