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Grapefruit + Mangosteen

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Experience the zesty, tropical scent of our Grapefruit and Mangosteen candle. The vibrant blend of orange, grapefruit, and lemon creates a citrusy top note that's both invigorating and refreshing. The heart of the fragrance is a succulent, juicy mangosteen accord, evoking the luscious sweetness of tropical fruit. The fragrance is finished with a touch of peach and vanilla, adding a warm, comforting base note that ties the fragrance together.

Crafted with high-quality, natural ingredients, our Grapefruit and Mangosteen candle burns cleanly and evenly for up to 50 hours, filling your home with the bright, fruity aroma of citrus and tropical fruit. Whether you're starting your day or winding down after a long one, this candle is the perfect way to energize your senses and create a lively, inviting atmosphere.

Indulge in the juicy, tropical aroma of our Grapefruit and Mangosteen candle and let its bright, uplifting fragrance transport you to a sunny paradise.