365 Tassle Jar

365 Tassle Jar

The 365 Romance candle is a perfect mixture of sexy dark rose for a sultry floral experience. Each scent note individually shines through to come together to exude romance. This is the perfect match up for couples and great gift for a love one!

This vessel is stunning with details of French cut glass, gloss exterior paint and gold details with elegance that speaks volumes.

Burn Time: 72 Hours

Candle Scent Notes: Dark Rose, Plum, Peppercorn, Patchouli & Vanilla

  • French Blush | Blush
    Sold out
  • Passion Red | Romance
    3 available 100%
  • Black | Black Amber + Lavender
    Sold out
  • White | Pineapple Sage
    4 available 67%